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Splints & Night Guards – North Texas

Protecting Smiles One Patient at a Time

Now more than ever before, preventive care is essential for dental practices as well as the patients they serve. Every day in your practice, you likely encourage your patients to take a preventive approach to their oral health, and you’ve seen the consequences when this advice isn’t heeded.

Fortunately, when patients see the value in preserving their smiles with a night guard and fighting TMJ disorders and bruxism, you can earn their trust and confidence that you have their best interests at heart. At Perfect Impressions, we take pride the quality and durability of our splints and night guards because we know that preventing dental damage can be just as valuable as treating it. To order a splint or night guard or learn more about our dental lab, contact us today!

Why Choose Perfect Impressions Dental Lab for Splints & Night Guards?

  • Advanced Milling Technology and 3D Printing
  • Digital Impressions Welcome
  • Strong Communication with Your Practice

Benefits of Our Splints & Night Guards

splint on a wax model and case

Whether your patient needs a splint to address their TMJ pain or a night guard to protect their teeth from premature erosion, our products are fabricated with the same high standard of quality you use in your practice. Our certified technicians pay close attention to the smallest details so that the splint or night guard fits each unique individual perfectly. As a result, your patients are more likely to wear these products as instructed and actually benefit from them, giving them a good impression of your practice. In other words, the quality of our products can reflect positively on you and your team.

In addition, our splints and night guards are created to withstand significant wear and tear. Their durability and strength mean that your patients can continue using them for several years at minimum before needing replacements.