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Smile Shapers Clear Aligners – North Texas

Simple Solution, Exceptional Results

woman smiling and holding clear aligner

Over the last few decades, clear aligners have become increasingly popular with patients, and it is not difficult to see why. With more subtle treatment options available, patients over the age of 18 have opted to address misalignment. In fact, about 20 percent of orthodontic patients are adults, many of whom do not wish to wear metal brackets and wires. That is why many dental practices have integrated clear aligner systems into their services. At Perfect Impressions, we are proud to offer Smile Shapers, an innovative treatment that virtually disappears when worn and can fit within basically any lifestyle. If you are interested in providing Smile Shapers in your practice, contact Perfect Impressions and see how simple the entire process can be!

Why Choose Perfect Impressions for Smile Shapers Clear Aligners?

  • Traditional or Intra Oral scanned Impressions Accepted
  • Clear, Open Communication with Your Dental Office
  • Local Support Providing Quality Products for Over 30 years

What Are the Benefits of Smile Shapers Clear Aligners?

man smiling wearing clear aligners

Clear aligners have many advantages over traditional braces, including:

  • Better aesthetics and convenience
  • High Return on Investment
  • Patient-driven results
  • Three treatment options – 6 steps, 12 steps or unlimited steps
  • Aligner strength and clarity last up to 3 years
  • Less patient chair time

Additionally, Smile Shapers can be used to address even advanced misalignment, whereas other clear aligner systems can only handle mild to moderate misalignment.

By choosing this treatment through Perfect Impressions, you also get the added benefit of working with our highly trained technicians, who are easily accessible and make communication simple. In fact, we can make sure your patient’s treatment plan is approved within two to three days, and the aligners can typically be manufactured in five days. Smile Shapers also offers the industry’s most competitive pricing for clear aligners without sacrificing quality or effectiveness.

What Makes Smile Shapers Different?

hand holding clear aligner

Smile Shapers utilize FDA 510K-cleared Zendura™ FLX material with its elastomeric inner layer and durable outer shell. This combination allows aligners to feel comfortable and gentle inside patients’ mouth as they apply pressure for movement—all while serving as a protective barrier to bruxing or grinding pressures with a hard exterior.

Unlike other popular clear aligners, Smile Shapers are created using a Carbon printer, which is known across the industry to create precise, perfectly fitted results. This advanced technology provides a significantly faster turnaround time, which means you and your patient receive all of the aligners at once, allowing treatment to begin sooner compared to other clear aligner systems.

What Is the Smile Shapers Process?

man holding clear aligner smiling

When you have a patient who qualifies and wants orthodontic treatment with Smile Shapers, you simply download and complete the prescription form and send it with your digital or traditional impressions. We will send you a form with the details of your patient’s treatment plan for your approval. Then, we will ship all the aligners to your practice so that you can begin as soon as possible.

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