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Keysplint Occlusal Splints

Superior Protection for
Your Patients from Bruxism

In recent years, bruxism has become an increasingly urgent concern as more patients suffer preventable chips and cracks. Temporomandibular disorder is on the rise as well. To meet this demand and help patients preserve their smiles, you can turn to Perfect Impressions for custom occlusal splints. Our premier products like KeySplint® occlusal splint are specifically designed with each patient’s unique needs in mind. Interested in learning more about our occlusal splints? Keep reading and then reach out to us if you have any questions or want to get started.

Why Choose Perfect Impressions for Occlusal Splints?

  • Advanced Technology in 3D Printing
  • In Business Since 1986
  • Digital Impressions Accepted

Benefits of Our Occlusal Splints

woman holding an occlusal splint

There are many options out there for treating bruxism. However, under immense pressure, lesser-quality occlusal splints can be damaged easily. Perfect Impressions’ KeySplint® occlusal splints are durable and resistant to fractures and abrasion. They are also clear and stain resistant, which is popular with patients. Depending on your patient’s needs, these splints are available for both upper and lower arches. In addition, the hard, flat occlusal surface is articulated for a more accurate fit, but the appliance is not brittle and is easily cleaned by the patient.

Technology for Occlusal Splints

woman holding an occlusal splint

At Perfect Impressions, we keep abreast of the most advanced and innovative technology to guarantee the quality of our products. When it comes to occlusal splints, you won’t find anything better than KeyStone® and Carbon® 3D printers. We utilize this technology to provide a precise fit and find that most of our dentists require only a few, if any, modifications to the state-of-the-art resin appliances we produce.