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Custom Implants & Abutments – North Texas

A Revolutionary Tooth Loss Solution
That Exceeds Expectations

Dental implants have evolved and improved dramatically in recent years, helping more patients than ever seamlessly rebuild incomplete smiles in a comprehensive manner for long-term success. At Perfect Impressions, we’re proud to stay on the cutting edge of this technology, creating sophisticated implants and sturdy abutments that will far exceed your patients’ wildest expectations while also remaining painstakingly personalized to cater to their unique needs. Multiple brands and materials are available here in Carrollton!

Why Choose Perfect Impressions Dental Lab?

  • In Business Since 1986
  • Nobel, Straumann, BioHorizon & More Top-Tier Vendors Available
  • Clear Doctor-Lab Communication is Our #1 Priority

Preferred Implant & Abutment Vendors

Preferred implant and abutment vendor logos

Perfect Impressions is proud to utilize products from many of the top implant/abutment vendors in the field today, including Nobel, Straumann, Dentsply Atlantis, and BioHorizon. We know very well that the surgical placement of implants involves biological responses that must be successful for long-term acceptance, and these companies have invested heavily in research and development to ensure that doctors receive unparalleled quality that’s long-lasting.

Custom Zirconia Abutments

Zriconia implant abutment and replacement tooth

Zirconia is a much newer abutment material, but the long-term positive effects are already clear enough for many dentists throughout the United States. This metal-free crystal material forms a one-piece implant that’s directly inserted into the jawbone; in comparison, titanium implants typically have three separate components. There is little to no chance of the patient experiencing a metallic allergy, and the overall appearance is very aesthetically pleasing. Instead of buying stock components from vendors, we custom-design and craft these components here in our laboratory. The result is a higher-quality product and a much-improved quality of life for your patient that isn’t comparable to what a stock abutment can achieve.

Custom Gold Hue Abutments

Dental implants restoration with gold abutments

The popularity of this new abutment material has recently soared, and many dentists are interested to learn more. This component has a warm gold color and a reflective property that isn’t possible from darker-colored abutments. As a result, a beautiful aesthetic is created when combined with an all-ceramic restoration. Gold hue abutments are also very durable and (on average) will cost less than zirconia, which is savings that can be passed on through your dental office to the patient themselves. We are proud to custom-design and craft these abutments right here at Perfect Impressions instead of relying on stock components from outside vendors, which leads to a higher-quality product and better results for the patient’s quality of life.

Custom Titanium Abutments

Titanium dental implant abutment

Titanium has been used to create abutments for decades now, with many surgeons even using it for hip and knee replacements. This type of material is known to fuse very well with human bone, and it’s both durable and lightweight in nature. The average success rate of over 95% clearly demonstrates why it’s the top choice for most dentists who are seeking to replace patients’ missing teeth with reliable components. In fact, most titanium abutments are able to succeed for 30 years or even longer! Better yet, Perfect Impressions doesn’t rely on stock titanium abutments from distant vendors; instead, we custom-design and craft them ourselves in order to maximize quality and ensure that the patient’s quality of life is much improved by the new addition.