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3 Problems with Traditional Impressions That Digital Dentistry Solves

January 15, 2021

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dental imprints in putty

Are you a little set in your ways? Maybe you always go to the same restaurant and order the same dish. You stick to what you know and what you’re comfortable with. In some areas of life, that’s okay! However, in others, such as the technology you use in your practice, there comes a point where the traditional way of doing something becomes less efficient or effective. You strive to provide top-quality care, which is why you need to consider your alternatives for traditional impressions. Below are some of the problems with this outdated method and how digital dentistry can help your practice improve.

Time Consuming

Putty impressions require a much longer time commitment from everyone involved. Your assistant has to prepare and mix the material and then stand there holding it in your patient’s mouth for several minutes. Then, if there’s a problem with the impression, you often can’t tell until it’s already at the lab. In that case, your patient will have to return to your office to try again. In contrast, digital impressions require very little prep, are completed in just a few minutes, and are available for review immediately. If an additional scan is needed, you won’t need a separate appointment to get it done. Digital impressions save valuable time for your team and your patient.


In the past, dentistry has had a bad reputation of being uncomfortable or painful, and traditional impressions only contribute to that fear and stigma. You’ve no doubt worked with a patient whose gag reflex is reacting to the impressions, and needless to say it isn’t a fun experience for anyone. You likely do your best to give your patients a pleasant, comfortable experience in your office, and digital dentistry can help you do just that. When your patient leaves your practice, they can tell their friends, neighbors, and families that they don’t dread dental visits!


One of the biggest pitfalls of traditional impressions is that they are too easy to get wrong. The smallest jerk can throw off putty impressions and lead to false data for the dental lab. This is especially concerning if your assistants ask the patients to hold their own molds. Digital scanning technology collects accurate data and can be reviewed right away, reducing the likelihood of rework later on when the restoration is already created.

Although you may be resistant to change, sometimes it can be a good thing. Digital dentistry allows you to meet the needs of your patients, increase satisfaction, and save you and your team time. In the end, it may be worth the upfront investment to adapt to digital dentistry so that your practice can continue to grow and thrive.

About Perfect Impressions

Perfect Impressions has been serving dental practices since 1986, but that doesn’t mean that we haven’t adapted with modern technology. We are able to accept both traditional impressions and digital scans, including those from iTero, 3Shape Trios, D4D, 3M, and many more. We take advantage of 3D printing and milling equipment, which has helped us achieve a remake factor of less than 1 percent. If you have questions about digital dentistry, you can contact Perfect Impressions by calling 972-385-2295 or clicking here.

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