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3 Things Your Dental Lab Needs from You to Make the Perfect Dentures

September 16, 2020

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You have a patient coming in who has been waiting a long time for new, comfortable, well-fitted full dentures. They sit in your chair anxiously waiting for their improved smile, but as you place the dentures into their mouth, the patient doesn’t seem as happy as they should be. Their dentures don’t fit correctly, which means rework is required. Sadly, your patient leaves your practice frustrated and disappointed as you send their dentures back to the dental lab. This is obviously a scenario you want to avoid as much as possible. Read on to learn how you can consistently have amazing products for your patients.

Accurate Impressions

Taking impressions of your patient’s bite may seem like a simple task that any dental professional should be able to do, but if the impressions are not accurate, they can completely alter the fit on the dentures. Especially if you’re using traditional impression methods, mistakes can happen. Digital technology has made impressions easier and more accurate than ever before! Whether it’s you or a trusted employee, make sure the collected impressions are spot on so that the process of making their dentures can be as efficient and effective as possible.

Precise Photographs

While the impressions can help your dental lab create dentures that fit the inside of your patient’s mouth perfectly, the photographs are equally important to the success of their dentures. Your case file should include photographs to help the lab technician make sure the set of dentures looks and feels natural with their facial structure. That’s why you need to be prepared to include facebow measurements and photographs, among others.

Cooperation and Communication

Even the easiest cases can have little hiccups or issues. Your dental lab strives to make each product perfect without rework, which means that you may receive communication about the case. Perhaps the lab has suggestions or recommendations for the denture that you haven’t considered. After all, they are experts in restorations and appliances! Or perhaps they become aware of a potential problem with the materials you’ve sent. Even if your dental lab simply wants to confirm your order, you need to keep the lines of communication and collaboration open so that your patient walks away happy.

To keep your patients satisfied and even thrilled with your work, you need to provide high-quality, customized restorations and other products with little rework. If you take the time to provide these three things when you send the case to your dental lab, you’ll be much more likely to get the right results the first time around. Now that’s something to smile about!

About Perfect Impressions

Perfect Impressions is In 1986, Perfect Impressions was founded by Gail Johnson, CDT, who is an L.D. +Pankey alumnus and Level 4 graduate of the OBI Foundation of Bioesthetic Dentistry. She leads a team of highly trained, loyal technicians who prioritize quality and communication and enjoy a remake factor of less than 1 percent. If you have questions about a particular case or would like to work with Perfect Impressions, you can contact Gail by clicking here.

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