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Qualities to Look for When Choosing the Best Dental Lab

November 17, 2019

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At the end of each year, you probably take a little bit of time to review how your practice has performed over the last 12 months. You look through expense reports, making sure that every dollar has been well spent, and you wonder whether your dental lab truly is the best one that you could be working with. How can you tell that you’ve found a dental lab worth keeping? In this post, you’ll learn four features of a dental lab that will tell you whether you’ve found a good match for your practice.

Dedication to Quality

Ultimately, your goal is to have your patient leave your office pleased with your work, certainly willing to come to your practice again in the future. That should be your dental lab’s goal as well. A dental lab that cuts corners may cost less initially, but chances are that the quality is the first thing to suffer as a result. Consequently, inferior restorations can require rework to fit properly or can fail prematurely, leading patients to feel frustrated about their dental experience and driving business away from your practice. By maintaining the quality of your restorations, you’ll be more likely to retain your patient base and therefore your income.


You need to be able to rely on your dental lab, just as your patients rely on you. If they can’t produce and deliver restorations on time on a consistent basis, it may be time to look for a new dental lab. Sure, a few mistakes or delays can happen every now and then, but it shouldn’t become a recurring pattern. Make sure your dental lab stays on par with your expectations and consistently provides restorations that you’re proud to place for your patients.

Customer Service and Support

Communication is essential when it comes to making well-fitting products from the beginning. Creating the perfect restoration involves collaboration between the dentist and the dental lab, so your technician needs to be accessible, easy to work with, and flexible to meet your patient’s needs. If rework is necessary, your dental lab should do everything possible to ensure that your patient ends up happy with the results.

Continuing Education

You already know that the world of dentistry is always changing and improving with new, innovative technology and techniques. That’s one of the reasons why you take continuing education courses every year. Well, your dental lab technicians also have the opportunity to continue to learn and further develop their skills. A dental lab that is just as committed to advanced training as you are is likely to produce the best quality restorations available.

At the end of the day, your patients’ satisfaction is what matters most. When you find a dental lab that has these qualities, you can be sure that the restorations you place will leave a smile on your patients’ faces. If you are still looking for the right dental lab, then give Perfect Impressions a chance to show you the value of choosing the right one for your business.

About Perfect Impressions

Perfect Impressions has created high-quality, custom restorations since 1986. Leading the team, Gail Johnson demonstrates the company’s commitment to continuing education. In fact, she is a L.D. +Pankey alumnus and has equipped the lab with the industry’s most innovative technology. She is also a level 4 graduate of the OBI Foundation of Bioesthetic Dentistry. If you have questions about Perfect Impressions or would like to work with Gail, you can call (972) 385-2295 or click here.

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