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4 Benefits of a Strong, Trusting Relationship with Your Dental Lab

October 13, 2019

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You’re looking to switch to a new dental lab. What factors are you considering in your decision? Although reasonable pricing certainly can play a part in your choice, are you also considering whether you can have a close, trusting relationship with your new dental lab? Overseas sources may be more affordable, but many issues can come along with having a geographically and professionally distant dental lab. If you treat your lab as a simple supplier or vendor, then you’re not taking full advantage of the potential growth and success that this partnership can give you. In this post, you’ll learn four benefits to choosing the right dental lab in North Texas.

Partners in Creating Custom Products

In many cases, getting a custom oral appliance or restoration requires more than just submitting an order and waiting for the final product to arrive. Often, you need to work with the dental technician to confirm or collaborate on details of the order. Complex cases may need more than just one set of experienced eyes, and your dental lab can provide an important perspective when designing and planning the products. When you work closely with your dental technician, you can make sure that the products are done right the first time.

Clear Communication

Outsourced dental labs can make communication much more difficult. What if there is some information missing from your order? The dental technician may not be able to complete the work until they talk with you. If you don’t have a working relationship with your dental lab, which is more difficult to establish with overseas labs, then you may find that important details are missing from the patient’s restoration or you have to wait longer than expected.

Quality Restorations and Oral Appliances

Ultimately, the goal is to place a restoration that looks and feels natural for the patient, improving their quality of life. You want your patients to walk out of your office with a more confident smile than when they came in. After all, happy patients are returning patients. By choosing a dental lab that you can trust, you don’t have to worry about the quality of the products declining and giving patients a negative impression of your practice.

Quick Turnaround Time

Obviously, receiving your appliances and restorations sooner is preferable to waiting longer. Although overseas sources may be able to fabricate their products faster, they have farther to travel to get to you. Plus, if the restoration needs to be reworked by the lab, you and your patient will be waiting for several more weeks. In contrast, local dental labs can use that extra shipping time to make sure that your products are crafted correctly from the start. In addition, a local, trusted dental lab is more easily accessible and typically more flexible to adjust the product’s delivery date according to your patient’s unique needs.

If you want your patients to leave feeling pleased with their dental experience at your office, including their custom dental restorations or appliances, then you need to form a strong relationship with your dental lab. Choosing an experienced, trusted lab to work with can make your practice run more smoothly and have more satisfied customers.

About Perfect Impressions

Perfect Impressions Dental Lab has been serving dental practices in the Dallas-Fort Worth area since 1986. As the owner and operator, Gail Johnson is a certified dental technician and has accomplishments that are rare to find in the industry. She has become a Level 4 graduate of the OBI Foundation of Bioesthetic Dentistry and a alumnus of the L.D. +Pankey Institute. Her dedication to communication enables the entire company to have strong collaborations with dentists and to create products that exceed patients’ expectations. If you have any questions for Gail or the rest of the team at Perfect Impressions, call (972) 385-2295 or click here.

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