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4 Ways to Make Sure You Pass an OSHA Inspection

September 25, 2019

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Your schedule is booked solid for the day, which typically is a good thing. You get ready to treat your next patient when your office manager tells you that someone from OSHA has just arrived for a surprise inspection. What should you do? How can you make sure that you pass? This situation can certainly take you by surprise, but if you do four simple things, you can keep your practice and your staff on track and experience less stress during your evaluation. Keep reading this blog post from your dental lab in North Texas to learn what those four things are!


Although you have the right to turn the OSHA inspector away, they can come back with a search warrant. Overall, that could tarnish your practice’s reputation or predispose the inspector to be more stringent in their evaluation. However, if you are courteous and cooperative, they may be willing to be a little more lenient in some areas. In the case of surprise inspection, you may not be able to give the inspector your undivided attention. In that case, you can ask your office manager to handle the bulk of the inspection.

Prepare in Advance

Although you may not know when an OSHA inspector is coming to your practice (that’s why it’s called a “surprise” inspection), you should prepare your office and staff for an inspection at all times. Keep your records current, and make sure that your team members are properly trained in safety procedures according to OSHA requirements.

Be Familiar with What They’ll Evaluate

Without knowing what the inspector is looking for, you have a very slim chance of passing their evaluation. If you fail, you likely have to pay heavy fines and fix the problem under a tight timeline. Some examples of the things the inspector will need include the following:

  • Infection control procedure and hazard communication plan.
  • Updated Safety Data Sheets.
  • OSHA Form 300 and 201, injury reports.
  • Records for annual bloodborne pathogen training.
  • Recent Hepatitis B immunization records.
  • Personal protection equipment, including an approved eye wash station, available for your staff.

Make sure you understand what OSHA will be looking for in the inspection so that you can be ready at any given moment.

Have an Exit Interview

Try to make time in your busy schedule to meet with the inspector before they leave. During this exit interview, they can explain their findings of any violations, give you a timeline to fix these violations, and tell you about any associated fines. Believe it or not, you might be able to convince the inspector to lower the fines that you’ll need to pay, especially because very few OSHA inspectors specialize in dental practices specifically. Basically, you can work together, instead of against each other, to find a fair solution.

Ultimately, you may not see the inspection coming, but you can have greater peace of mind when it pops up by following these tips. Also, taking OSHA requirements seriously can help both your staff members and patients feel safe and protected in your practice, gaining you more trust from those you serve.

About Perfect Impressions

With decades of experience and training, Perfect Impressions founder Gail Johnson knows how to handle OSHA inspections and pass with flying colors. Unlike many other certified dental technicians, she is a Level 4 graduate of the OBI Foundation of Bioesthetic Dentistry and an alumnus of L.D. +Pankey. To request a consultation with Gail at Perfect Impressions, call (972) 385-2295 or click here.

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