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More Than Color: 3 Ways Your Dental Lab in North Texas Makes Beautiful Restorations

July 23, 2019

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Believe it or not, even though you don’t create the restorations, your patients will associate them with your practice. You hold your team and the quality of the work you do to a high standard, so shouldn’t you do the same for your dental lab?

When your patient needs a restoration, you want it to please them and meet their needs the first time around. Certainly, the technician needs to get the color right, but did you know that this is just one small feature that makes a restoration look natural? In this post, you’ll learn about 3 ways your dental lab in North Texas creates restorations that have a flawless, yet personalized, appearance.

Other Subtle Factors

In addition to the subjective choice of color, your dental lab has to consider many other nuances that makes a restoration look lifelike. For example, the restoration needs to match the patient’s teeth in translucency, which is a material’s ability to transmit light. Other components that contribute to the realistic look of a restoration include the following:

  • Brightness, or the relative lightness of darkness of a color.
  • Chroma, or the quality that distinguishes strong and pale colors.
  • Fluorescence, or the property that causes some materials to glow when illuminated.
  • Opalescence, or the color in relation to the introduction of light.

Other factors, such as shape and contouring, have nothing to do with the color but still make a huge difference in how a restoration looks. The shape needs to complement the patient’s other teeth and facial structures, and the contouring needs to reflect the natural surface texture found on teeth. These precise characteristics enhance a restoration and make it appear just like its real counterpart.

Quality of the Materials and Tools

By picking a dental lab that focuses on high-quality results, you and your patient are more likely to receive restorations that please right away. Some of the factors mentioned above will be determined by the quality of the materials that your dental laboratory uses to create restorations. In addition, your dental lab of choice should use advanced technology that ensures as close to a perfect color match as possible. For example, Color Correct LED lighting enables the technician to see and produce more accurate results through every step of the fabrication process.

Skills and Training of the Technician

Perhaps most importantly, the technician who creates the restoration plays an important role in how successfully it can appear natural. That’s why you should partner with a dental lab that holds its team members to a high standard of excellence. Labs with Certified Dental Technicians (CDTs) employ people who have proven that they excel at creating realistic restorations.

Ultimately, the goal is to deliver results that your patients love. A dental lab that utilizes all these methods will create the restorations that will support your practice and will be more likely to get the restorations right the first time. As a result, your patients will leave your office feeling satisfied and want to come back for future treatment. Choosing the right dental lab is a worthwhile effort that can help your business thrive.

About the Author

As a Certified Dental Technician, Gail Johnson has owned and operated Perfect Impressions Dental Lab since 1986. She is a level 4 graduate of the OBI Foundation of Bioesthetic Dentistry and is a alumnus of L.D. +Pankey Institute. She uses innovative tools to enhance the restorations she creates, including Color Correct LED lights. To schedule your one-on-one consultation, click here or call (972) 385-2295.

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