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Dental Implants in the Future: What Will They Look Like 100 Years from Now?

December 13, 2022

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3D diagram of a dental implant in the future

These days, dental technology advances so quickly. A dentist from 100 years ago would no doubt be amazed and astounded at the innovations made in the field, especially with dental implants. A dentist from 50 years or even 25 years ago would be too! Because of how rapidly things change, it can be hard to imagine what implants will look like 100 years from now. What kind of technology will be available? What breakthroughs will improve tooth replacement in the future? Here are some early indications of what might come in the next century!


How KeySplint Night Guards Have Changed the Game

November 14, 2022

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close up of a KeySplint night guard

Sometimes, the traditional way of doing things is far superior to new, flashy methods. However, when it comes to the field of dentistry, it is often better to embrace new technological advancements. One prime example is working with a dental lab that utilizes KeySplint 3D-printed night guards and occlusal splints. In this post, you’ll learn about pitfalls of old fabrication methods and how KeySplint products have completely changed the game for the better.

Problems with Traditional Acrylic Night Guards

Although the need for splints and night guards certainly existed long before contemporary stresses, the global pandemic and economic trouble of recent years have only exacerbated bruxism and TMJ-related issues. As a result, night guards and splints are more important now than ever.

Traditionally, the hard acrylic used to create night guards has to be handmade, or it is thermoformed over the stone model. As you might imagine, this process is labor and time intensive. On top of that, the acrylic material ends up rather brittle, susceptible to cracking or fracturing under the pressures of bruxism.

Benefits for Dental Practices and Patients

In addition to being more cost effective for dental labs, KeySplint 3D-printed night guards have also proven beneficial for the dentists and patients alike. Here are just a few of the ways that treatment has improved and more people have been satisfied with the final product.

Faster Production

Time is money even in dentistry. The sooner dental labs are able to manufacture products for patients, the better, and 3D printing KeySplint night guards has a much more efficient turnaround time than traditional fabrication methods.

More Durable Materials

Unlike hard acrylic night guards, KeySplint night guards consist of a material that can withstand the force of bruxism with less damage to the oral appliance. Also, the material is more flexible, which means it is more comfortable for the patient to wear night after night.

Better Accuracy

In the traditional, handmade manufacturing process, human error may become an issue. In other words, these night guards are more likely to have inaccuracies or fit improperly than 3d printed night guards. KeySplint significantly reduces the potential for these errors and creates a perfect fit based on digital impressions. Again, this results in more comfort for the patient, which reflects positively on the practice.

Although some traditions are worth continuing, but when a more effective method that makes everyone happier with the result comes along, it is worth pursuing. If your dental lab doesn’t currently take advantage of KeySplint 3D printing, they aren’t reaching their full potential and providing you with the best possible products that you and your patients deserve.

About Perfect Impressions

Perfect Impressions was opened in 1986 by Gail Johnson, who is a certified dental technician. Since then, she has gathered a team of skilled technicians who use the most advanced technology in the field, including KeySplint night guards and splints. We accept both digital and traditional impressions have a remake factor of 1 percent. If you have a case you’d like us to manufacture, contact our dental lab in North Texas online here.

3 Secrets to Taking Perfect Impressions Revealed

October 11, 2022

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putty that shows taking perfection impressions

As your patient comes back into your office to retake their denture impressions, you can’t help but notice they’re annoyed. They don’t want to spend additional time in your office to have putty pressed onto their upper and lower arches again, especially if they gag easily!

So how do you keep this scenario from happening? What’s the secret to taking perfect impressions? Here are three ways you can ensure a custom fit for every product or restoration you provide.


4 Reasons Crowns Need to Be Sent Back to the Lab and 2 Solutions to Prevent This

September 12, 2022

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patient not happy that crowns need to be sent back to the lab

You hate when it happens, and so does your patient. Their dental crown came in from the lab, but it doesn’t fit properly. It has to be sent back, and the appointment rescheduled. In this situation, you may be tempted to point an accusing finger at the responsible party, but in the end, it reflects poorly on your practice.

Why do some crowns need to be sent back to the lab? Are there any ways to prevent this from happening to your patient? Keep reading to find out!


3 Reasons Why Gold Hue Abutments Are Popular

August 11, 2022

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dental implant with a gold hue abutment

As a general family dentist, you are proud to offer comprehensive services, including dental implant placement. You have received training to perform every stage of the process in your office, meaning you call the shots when it comes to your patients implant post, abutment, and restoration.

Or perhaps you feel more comfortable referring patients to a periodontist or an oral surgeon instead of doing it yourself. They handle the implant placement, and you handle the restoration. In this process, you can collaborate with the specialist to select the right abutment for your patient.

Regardless of your situation, in recent years, gold hue abutments have climbed in popularity, and once you learn about their benefits, you’ll quickly see why!


3 Things to Say to Convince Your Patients to Get a Night Guard

July 11, 2022

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patient smiling after getting night guard

A few bad apples can spoil the bunch. Perhaps some dentists out there are taking advantage and trying up sell patients with unnecessary night guards, but you have their best interests at heart. Your primary concern is their long-term oral health, so it can be difficult when you have a solution to your patient’s problem, but they are on the fence about doing anything about it. Here are some things you can say to convince them that they truly need a night guard.


Choosing Between Materials for Dental Crowns

June 10, 2022

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dentist with a patient and deciding on materials for dental crowns

Most of your cases are fairly straightforward, but every now and then you get one patient who needs a crown that stumps you. Out of the options available, which materials for dental crowns would be the best option to restore their tooth? Keep reading to learn how you can make this decision easier and provide the right crown for your patient.


3 Reasons to Get Custom Abutments for Implant Cases

May 11, 2022

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lab technician making custom abutments for dental implants

When you hear the word “custom,” what is the first word that comes to mind? Probably “expensive.” For some products, going with the general stock, one-size-fits-all option offers a way to save some money while still getting a comparable level of quality. At first glance, you may even think that stock abutments may suffice for dental implants. In some cases, you may be right!

However, even though abutments aren’t meant to be seen, custom is often the best way to go. Below are reasons why you should consider getting custom abutments from a proven quality dental lab for your patients.


Tick Tock: Collaborating with Your Dental Lab Can Save Precious Time

April 12, 2022

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dentist happily collaborating with your dental lab on the phone

Time is money, as the saying goes, and it’s definitely true when it comes to your dental practice. Although you’re a healthcare professional, you’re also a small business owner, and every minute counts when it comes to revenue.

As a result, it may seem like a big sacrifice to give some of your time to the dental lab to discuss each patient’s restoration or appliance. However, when you work with a professional dental lab, this time actually helps you save time and money later on. Keep reading to understand how this small investment and collaboration upfront with your lab can pay dividends in the long run.


The Importance of Digital Intraoral Scanner in Your Practice

March 8, 2022

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dental practice equipment with an intraoral scanner and image on screen

With technology constantly advancing and changing these days, it can be difficult to know which devices are truly innovative and which are just “new.” When it comes to your dental practice, you want to invest in technology that will help you bring in more revenue, not in frivolous or flashy gadgets.

If you want your practice to continue succeeding far into the future, it is important to integrate intraoral scanners into your practice. Compared to some other pieces of technology, these scanners are clearly advantageous—keep reading to find out how!

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