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Additional Dental Lab Services – North Texas

We’re Always Willing
To Go The Extra Mile

Beyond dental crowns, bridges, implants, and other important reconstructive cornerstones of oral healthcare, Perfect Impressions can also assist dental practices with a wide variety of additional services and benefits. Whatever your patients' needs and oral healthcare priorities are, we look forward to being a partner in your treatment process! Plus, our extensive knowledge and expertise can help doctors avoid unforeseen hiccups and properly manage even the most complex circumstances. Keep reading below to learn more, or contact us directly in Carrollton, TX if you have any questions or concerns.

Why Choose Perfect Impressions Dental Lab?

  • Local support and services
  • We Accept Virtually All Digital Intraoral Scans
  • Dedicated Color-Corrected Shade Room For Precise Matches

Custom Shades

Gail working with dentist

We understand how crucial it is to ensure the perfect artistic match for your patient’s one-of-a-kind smile. That’s why Perfect Impressions has a room that’s specifically meant for the purpose of creating beautifully custom shades for each patient! We use top-of-the-line cameras, color-corrected lighting, and extensive shade matching tabs to make sure that the new crown, bridge, or other restorations are as precise and personalized as it can possibly be – no exceptions.

Comprehensive Case Planning

case planning

Complex cases aren’t just limited to the number of units we’re dealing with – they can range from single units to full-mouth reconstruction. In fact, even cases that may seem straightforward, in the beginning, can unexpectedly become complex! Our team recognizes these possibilities and works closely with doctors to help them manage these situations from a comprehensive standpoint, minimizing unforeseen pitfalls and expanding your practice’s view of the entire patient experience.

Diagnostic Wax-ups

Technician creating smile wax-up

Diagnostic wax-ups help practitioners fully visualize the true restorative needs of each person in their care. In fact, it’s one of the most vital working tools in the dental field! In many ways, this process can seem like trying to assemble many different pieces into a complete jigsaw puzzle. At Perfection Impressions, we can provide highly accurate wax-ups that will guide doctors towards creating unique, comprehensive treatment plans that lead to better oral health and happiness for valued patients.

Splints & Nightguards

Clear nightguard on metal tray

Splints and nightguards can prove very beneficial to patients, preventing unintended damage to teeth while asleep and even relieving TMJ-related pain for significant relief. Thankfully, our laboratory can help dentists create these fully custom appliances, providing not only excellent durability but day-to-day comfort. When compared to “one-size-fits-all” nightguards, there is no contest – these devices provide more consistent support to the jaw and will stand up better to gradual wear-and-tear over time, keeping teeth safe from harm.

Removables & All-on-Four Dentures

Set of full dentures

Also known as “Teeth In A Day,” The All on Four system has become an incredibly successful reconstructive option for many patients experiencing extensive tooth loss. By pairing a full prosthetic with as few as four state-of-the-art dental implants, it’s possible to regain up to 90% of original oral function! Here in Carrollton, our dental laboratory can help create removable and fixed dentures alike, taking plenty of time with each unique prosthetic and hybrid bridge to ensure that it’s truly the best fit possible. By using the highest-quality materials and technology, we are sure to optimize the long-term durability of each patient’s smile-inducing results.

Learn More About Removables & All-on-Four Dentures