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About Our North Texas Dental Lab

Outstanding Quality, Crystal-Clear Communication, Reasonable Pricing

Perfect Impressions was started by Gail Johnson, CDT, and has been a premier crown and bridge lab in North Texas since 1986. Gail is a Level 4 graduate of the OBI Foundation for Bioesthetic Dentistry and a proud Pankey alumnus.

Perfect Impressions is a state-of-the-art dnetal laboratory in North Texas with highly trained technicians who balance their creativity and talent in the dental industry. With an emphasis on quality and attention to detail, the technicians build relationships with doctors while learning their likes and dislikes to constantly deliver custom restorations that impact and change lives. We believe that quality is first, communications are second, and price is third, resulting in fewer remakes, less patient chair time, and maximized profits for your practice. Our reputation is built on creating high-quality cosmetic cases with less than 1% remake factor. This is achieved by having a complete understanding of facial aesthetics and how you practice, as well as the best-in-class communications between your team and the lab.

Would you like to speak directly with Gail about your practice’s needs? Don’t hesitate to contact us in Carrollton, TX. To learn more about what makes us stand out, keep reading below.

High-Quality Fixed Restorations

Lab restoration models

A person’s smile contributes to their health, their diet, their mood, and their overall sense of confidence and self-image. All in all, anything that becomes a new part of that smile should be the best quality imaginable, which is why Perfect Impressions never settles for just “good enough.” Our technicians take plenty of time to understand each doctor’s goals and preferences, as well as the patient’s own unique characteristics so that the finished crown, bridge, or other restoration is the ideal match in every way.

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State-of-the-Art Dental Lab Technology

Row of dental lab computers

Dental technology is constantly changing and evolving for the better, and interested doctors will quickly discover that Perfect Impressions makes every effort to stay right at the forefront of new materials and techniques in the field. We use the latest milling machines (such as Planmeca plan Mill 50 and Sirona MCXL) and 3D printers while also having the necessary software to accept virtually any digital intraoral scan from trusted vendors like iTero, 3 Shape/Trios, D4D, Cerec Sirona, 3M and many more.

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Custom, Coordinated Approach

Gail talking to dentist

Gail and her team strongly believe that the creation of dental restorations is most successful when it’s handled as a true partnership between the dentist and their chosen laboratory. By understanding each doctor’s priorities down to the smallest details, we can fulfill their vision beautifully and leave their patients with plenty of new reasons to smile proudly.

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Decades of Training & Experience

Gail crafting smile model

Over many years, Gail has clearly demonstrated her extensive talent, knowledge, and artistic eye for detail regarding the dental field. She is one of less than 300 dental practitioners worldwide who has studied and practiced the state-of-the-art techniques of Bioesthetics, which leads to dental restorations that are the perfect marriage of lasting function and aesthetic beauty in Texas.

Meet Gail Johnson

Family Owned & Operated

Gail and her husband Benny

Since Perfect Impressions first opened its doors in the mid-1980’s, Gail and her husband Benny have worked closely with a tight-knit, long-term staff that understands their values and priorities for dental lab work very well – and over the decades, this approach has never changed! Every case is handled on a personal level and facilitated by a transparent, fully communicative relationship with the dentist. Simply put, we really enjoy building relationships with practices over time that feel just like family.